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POST 100: 12 steps to a ‘Great Teacher’ reputation.

This is the post that has convinced me to finally start blogging properly. As someone who reads widely in the field of education, both online and off, I make my classroom a laboratory (with high standards of care and concern for the welfare and achievement of my guinea pigs, of course!) and once I fully get my head around how to put some visually adorned posts, I would love to share some of these experiments as they are tried.



I’m celebrating writing my 100th post, by trying to link together various posts relating to teaching.  I suggest in my post ‘How do I know how good my teachers are?’ that there are three key sources that contribute to my judgement of the effectiveness of my teaching staff:

  • Data – the measured outcomes from assessments and examinations
  • Observation – those artificial snapshots of teaching that are over-loaded with significance in the OfSTED process.
  • Knowledge – the drip-feed of micro-feedback gleaned organically from multiple sources: Essentially this is what I mean by Reputation.

So, whilst ideally we shouldn’t worry too much what other people think of us, in the context of being judged as a professional teacher, having a strongly positive reputation is a great asset.  It may be the most accurate indicator of the impact we’re having on our students and, actually, our reputational standing is the area over…

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